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Model: Revell 06890
Kod producenta: 06890
Waga produktu: 1.5 kg
Realizacja zamówienia: 24 godzin
Sprzedanych produktów: 0
Producent: Revell

Revell 06890 X-Wing Fighter 1/29

Simple model kit for the most important hunter of the rebel alliance. In the T-65 X-wing fighter the double wings are arranged on top of each other, which form a horizontal X in combat operations to enlarge the fire area. In addition to four high-end laser cannons, the X-wing Fighter has proton torpedoes, deflector shields, hyperdrive and a navigation droid.

- Multicolored printed parts

- Movable wings

- Can be built with or without undercarriages as desired

- Painted figure and astromech

- Plug-in kit, no gluing necessary

Plastikowy model do sklejania. Nie zawiera Kleju ani farby.